On or Off?

Frequently clients ask me if they should leave certain optional items off of their resume – community activities, work experience beyond 10 years and dates on education are just a few examples.  Usually there is a worry about being screened out based on assumptions recruiters or hiring mangers might make, sometimes around sensitive issues (age, ability,[…]

Drawing in the Work You Want

Recently, a client in the human resources field came to me for help.  She was confused and frustrated because she wasn’t being considered for the jobs she wanted. At first it seemed like her resume, with its clarity in job duties and quantitative results, should have opened doors for her. But then we looked deeper.[…]

Finding Wonder in Our Work

I just went to a lecture that was part of the Portland Jazz festival. It’s one of the things I love about having my office downtown – I can spend a lunch hour taking in cultural events.  Listening to live jazz in the middle of my work day transported me.  For an hour, I was[…]

Your Uniqueness – It’s Right In Front of You

I had a client who worked in a call center – he had been laid off and was looking for another call center job.  He really enjoyed the work and it was a great fit for him –  which already made him unique in comparison to much of the population!  There was more though. We[…]

Is it worth the risk?

I’ve had a few conversations with clients this week about taking risks. They were about interpersonal risks (making a cold call) and logistical risks (moving states for a new job). For some, networking felt like a risk.  For others, it was risky to stay in one job for many years.  While everyone views risk differently,[…]

Practicality and Possibility

“I’m saving up for when I have a low-paying job that I love.” Just one of the many things people say when contemplating having work they are passionate about.  I have mixed feelings about this frame of mind. On one hand, saving up to do what you love is a great thing – it’s a[…]

Out With Assumptions, In With Hope

“I can’t find a new job in this economy.  I have to stay where I am.” “I’d love to do that kind of work, but no one will hire me without direct experience in that industry.” “No one gets a job off of online job boards anymore.” We often unconsciously use assumptions to help us[…]

Getting Your Groove Back in a Fear Based Economy

We see it all the time in job search – messages that instill fear as a motivation. “5 Deadly Mistakes to Avoid in an Interview!” “7 Mistakes Job Seekers Make Online and How You Can Avoid Them” It’s this notion that if we don’t’ say the right thing, do exactly the right thing, we will[…]