October 5, 2015

Career Astrology

“Wisdom consists in knowing one’s place in any given cycle,
and what kinds of action (or restraint of action) are appropriate for that phase.”
– Richard Heinberg

Think of your astrology consultation the way you would think of any other career assessment – you will learn about your gifts, preferences and potential challenges.   This is 100% unique to you, based on your birth information.  You can choose which session appeals to your concern, curiosity or budget.

It is important to say that I am not predictive in my use of astrology – I will not tell you that certain things will happen at certain times or what your perfect career is.  I use astrology to help you connect to your own inner knowing, which I believe is the most important tool you have in making decisions about your career.

You can learn more about my perspective on astrology and why I use it by visiting the FAQ.

If you have any questions at all on the consultations, please reach out!

Chiron & Career

Choose this consultation if you: keep having the same, painful work experiences and are ready to change the dynamic

you receive:

  • Chiron astrology consultation
    • Chiron workbook to complete before our appointment
    • Your birth chart
    • Written overview of how Chiron operates in your life with important dates past, present and future
    • Consultation recording
  • Three, follow-up coaching sessions to make practical changes towards change

Chiron, a point in the sky called the wounded healer, identifies how we can access our greatest gifts through a place that might feel painful. We have lots of stories about such a dynamic in our culture – think about Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, whose shiny nose was at first the source of deep shame and then became his biggest gift.  In my work with clients, I find that Chiron is key to fulfillment in our careers – identifying what isn’t working and opening doors to what will.  In this consultation, we will explore where Chiron resides for you personally and how it impacts your career.  Read more about Chiron and its relationship to work atmy Chiron & Career focused site.

“I’ve had many readings over the years, but Aubrie zeroed in on an important aspect that every other astrologer overlooked – Chiron. This has proved to be a major key in helping me navigate the swiftly shifting sands in my professional life.” – JN

$1000 package

Full Career Chart + Transits

Choose this consultation if you: want to identify possible threads (your innate gifts and challenges and how to best work with and appreciate them), and you also want to know what energies are available right now, how best to work with them

You receive:

– your birth and transit charts
– written overview of  your natural gifts
– written overview of what astrological energy is available, with key dates to remember
– personalized email reminders during the months the astrological energy is high
– recording

In this consultation we will talk about how you naturally relate to work and career (see above) as well as what is happening in the sky right now.  Think about transits as what astrological time it is for you – time for introspection? Hard work?  Letting go?  New beginnings?  Come in and let’s find out.

“Transit readings are both fascinating and useful, not only as indications of what’s happening for me at different times throughout the year, but also as a filter for decision-making. Aubrie’s email reminders are especially helpful; I’ve found myself saying more than once, “Ah, so that’s what’s going on!” after receiving a reminder email. Transits definitely help me stay on track with my goals- I would recommend them to anyone.”  – VL

$300 / 90 minutes

Full Career Chart

Choose this consultation if you: want perspective on your innate gifts and challenges, how to best work with and appreciate them, as well as understand how work ideally operates in your life

You receive:

– your birth chart
– written overview of  your natural gifts
– recording

Think about your chart as the seed of yourself – that has innate gifts and talents. In this consultation, we look at this seed in relationship to work and career.   Come with your career topic of choice and we will explore why things have been the way they are and what opportunities await.

“Working with Aubrie has really opened up my eyes to the power of astrology knowledge.  I was new to astrology, and honestly a bit dubious.  But what I’ve discovered that (a) the revelations about who I am and how I operate are right on the money (so, now I do believe it), and (b) these revelations help me not only be more compassionate with myself, but they help me see and utilize my strengths.  Aubrie is very encouraging and sensitive, as well as professional and grounded.  Having her interpret my chart has helped me gain clarity about my direction and focus.  This helps me to not only save time in honing my priorities, but to aim high, by really understanding the assets I was born into.” EF

$200 / 60 minutes

Follow Up – Just Transits

Choose this consultation if you: have already come in for a Full Career Chart consultation before and want an update to what is happening in the sky right now

You receive:

– your birth and transit charts
– written overview of what astrological time it is, with key dates to remember
– personalized email reminders during the months the astrological energy is highest
– session recording

“Thank you very much for your message last week. I wanted to thank you for your uncanny timing when I receive these emails it has given me great comfort in a time of much uncertainty regarding my career.” – ER

$160 / 60 minutes