October 5, 2015


“I wanted to tell you: after I accepted this position, I took a long walk and listened (again) to the recording you made of our reading. It’s really incredible going back — after a year has passed, and with all the changes in my life — and hearing it through a completely different lens. Coming to see you for career coaching was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.  I know myself so much better now, and this path, that once seemed so crazy, seems to make so much more sense.” – RG

“I would highly recommend a session with Aubrie to anyone who wants to know themselves better, who wants to make the best use of their natural talents, and who wants to avoid conflicts that we may be creating for ourselves.  Truly a service I can recommend to anyone.” – JZ

“Aubrie was the lifeline I needed to secure employment by focusing on my goals and blending those goals with my education, previous skills, strengths and my personality. She helped me create a resume with a story about who I am, and it was a resume that played to my strengths and my personality. Thanks to Aubrie I now have the skills to successfully rewrite my resume on my own.”      – JB

“I appreciate Aubrie’s openness to learning from her clients, which is a rare talent from someone who educates, coaches and guides based on her wealth of experiences and contacts. She unselfishly makes connections beyond the bounds of the client meeting. And I truly admire her civic values, as she supports students and those in career transition.”  – CK

“Aubrie has been a lifesaver. I came to her thinking she would tell me what to do to get a job, and although she is an expert in that subject, she is much more interested in listening to the person she is working with and guiding them through doing the things they feel are right for getting the job they want. She is always listening and uses that to help me focus in on what I feel is the best next step, even when I think I have no idea where I am going! She always has a positive attitude, and is always there with advice if you need it.” – AG

“Aubrie De Clerck is extremely sharp, focused, smart, talented — and wholly likable.  She brings exceptional skill to the work of coaching.” – HH

“Aubrie combines the best of two worlds:  grounded practicality from her business background with intuitive insights from her astrological work.  I’ve had many readings over the years, but Aubrie zeroed in on an important aspect that every other astrologer overlooked. This has proved to be a major key in helping me navigate the swiftly shifting sands in my professional life.” – JN

“Aubrie is able to teach concisely; there is no wasted breath in her presence. She is also an uncanny listener–when she reflects back to me my own questions I am amazed at her accurate memory. This and her big-picture overview make sessions with her invaluable.”   – DL

“Aubrie is the first coach that truly helped me drill down into what’s getting in the way of my passion & dream job.  She is very honest & direct and yet, very respectful.  The session flowed smoothly & effortlessly from one issue to the next….always focusing on my top priorities.” – GS

“Thanks again for the reading, it helped in moving forward, and allowing my energy to flow again as well as confirming I am on track!” – ML

“Aubrie really helped me see the important, underlying qualities that I must have in my work life moving forward, by exploring what is lacking in my current job.  This enabled me to refocus my job search and to discover alternative career options that I had not thought of before.  Now, with Aubrie’s help, I have a structured plan and a clear direction of where to focus my energies.  Thanks for  everything, your nonjudgmental and heartfelt support helped me view my situation for what it is and to find ways to achieve personal growth.” – JR

“Thanks Aubrie! You’re a great cheerleader, even if you are the “coach”! 🙂 ” – SR